You own a business and you are the default CMO. Now what?

  You own a business and you are the default CMO.  Now what? You are the decision maker. You need customers. Where do you start? These are questions that baffle thousands of small business owners every day.Before the advent of search, online reviews and social media targeting potential customers was easy, if unrefined. Your choices were broadcast TV, […]

Slow decision no decision

The Best, Less than Perfect Solution

I see people get “stuck” quite often.  Many times it is because they lack the confidence and conviction to make the best decision possible.  Instead, they focus on the “perfect” one.  I am not sure a “perfect” decision actually exists.  I do believe we miss opportunities to make sound, less than perfect decisions, which cost […]

Content Consortiums

How to make local TV great again for clients and consumers; Part II—The Content Consortium

In my previous post, I talked about how local TV (broadcast and cable) needs to explore ways to work together.  They could provide an enhanced, expanded local media footprint for local advertisers and client partners.  It’s been/being done on a national level through integrated stacking.  It is also the best way to combat outside, national, […]

How to make local TV great again for clients and consumers

Local television needs a face lift.  I don’t mean new graphics or sets.  I’m not talking about finding a hit show or rolling out another newscast.  What I’m talking about is something bolder, broader and much more far reaching.  There are TWO strategic moves that local broadcasters AND cable/satellite companies could do to make local tv […]

Characteristics of a High Performing Sales Organization

It’s up to us as leaders to build a culture of expectation.  This culture should be well understood by our sales force and repeatable over time.  Over the years I’ve tracked, monitored, coached and taught leaders about maximizing performance.  One thing stands out in leadership team strategy; there are no highly successful “accidental” sellers. Leadership […]